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NFC: Fw: [Partners]Surveys and Polls - Seeking examples for "River Voices"

Our next issue of “River Voices” will focus on public opinion polling and

To continue the tradition of sharing ideas and strategies through “River
Voices,” I would like to highlight the various ways our Partners utilize
polling/surveys in their conservation work.

If you have used polls/surveys  - and would be willing to share your
experience - please send me (by December 21):

· A copy of the survey/poll and compiled data
· A few sentences/paragraphs describing the poll/survey – the purpose of
survey, how the questions were created, how data was collected, end
costs involved, etc.
· words of advice, etc.
· Any other information to help “tell your story”

Please be sure to include the name of your organization and contact
information. Wishing all of you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Many thanks!
Kathy Luscher
River Network
520 SW 6th Avenue #1130
Portland, OR 97204
503/241-3506 x16
kluscher at rivernetwork_org

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