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Re: NFC: Fish Losses

I've heard that - some beautiful spring-fed pools have almost no life because 
of low oxygen levels.  Shame to go to all the trouble to set up such a neat 
system and have it turn on you.


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mbinkley at columbus_rr.com writes:

> I have an inkling of how you feel.  My buddy, Pat Johnson recently lost an
> awesome collection of darters from all over the country while he was out of
> town.  The fishes were in a tank fed by a trickle of well water.  Normally
> the trickle (well, really a spray) is above the water level and aerates the
> well water as it comes in.  Somehow the outflow became clogged, raising the
> water level and submerging the spray.  Apparently, this caused the oxygen
> level to drop precipitously.  It seems that well (ground) water is often
> deficient in dissolved oxygen.  Pat's wife was home, but being
> fish-challenged, all she could do was call him and give him updates on how
> many fishes had died.  He's been a little fish-shy since then, which is
> quite unusual for Pat, who never misses a chance to go after the next
> darter on his list.
> I have had a similiar experience with well water at my Grandparent's in
> Florida.  I use their tap water, from a well, to do water changes on my
> collections there.  If I put much of it onto the fishes in a short peroid
> of time, they quickly start gasping for oxygen.  As the water is exposed to
> air in the container, the fishes gradually recover as air dissolves into
> the water.

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