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Re: NFC: ADMIN - Not Yelling! :) - List Change ... ?


The major disadvantage I see to Yahoo is they truncate
long messages, you can receive them from outside yahoo
but if you want to resend it then it gets truncated.

The only way it works for me is to highlight and copy
half and send it then the other half. Roberts articles
all have to go in two parts from my yahoo account.

--- Joshua Wiegert <JLW at dune_net> wrote:
> The question and suggestion of moving the list over
> to a Yahoo Group has
> been brought up before. . . . . This has a number of
> advantages, and some
> disadvantages.  I'd like to bring it up before the
> list, and see what
> everyone thinks.....
> Advantages:
> Most of these are behind the scene type things.  The
> big advantage is that
> we can put a link on the NFC page, "Subscribe to our
> mail-list," and be done
> with it.  More or less electronic subscription is a
> definite plus.
> Disadvantages:
> You have to go thru Yahoo to subscribe and
> unsubscribe, although you will
> still have e-mail access to do both of these.  There
> are ads on the bottom
> of messages, and more HTML mail is available. 
> Basically,t he only big one I
> see is that you'll see a blurb on the bottom, "Get a
> such and such for this
> great price......."  I doubt anyone on the list is
> using anything less than
> a 56K modem, so the extra four or five lines of text
> isn't a biggy. :)
> Joshua.
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