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Re: NFC: Post Thanksgiving Collecting

I am so jealous.  I swore not to collect any more natives until we have our 
basement redone.  We had our central unit freeze up and stop last summer 
while away on business - lost every darter except for one very old redline 
(which died several months later.)

Now I have to stop over bridges, at the lake, etc. and just look.


In a message dated 11/30/01 9:38:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
mbinkley at columbus_rr.com writes:

> I got to do a little collecting after Thanksgiving too.  My brother from
> New York was home for one of his twice or three-times-a-year visits, and he
> didn't want to pass on the opportunity to go fish chasing.  His girlfriend,
> from Hong Kong, decided that she wanted to finally see what all the fuss
> was about, so she joined us despite the frigid water and setting sun.  I
> think her only complaint would have been that she got a little bogged down
> in some soft substrate near the stream bank.  Other than that, I think she
> found it quite enjoyable and was surprised at the variety and colors of the
> fishes we found.  Here's the breakdown --
> November 23, 2001, Battle Run, tributary of Scioto River, Prospect, Marion
> County, Ohio, Upstream of Rt 203.  4 x 8 foot x 1/8 inch mesh seine.
> Species observed:
> Pimephales notatus (Rafinesque) - bluntnose minnow
> Pimephales promelas Rafinesque - fathead minnow
> Semotilus atromaculatus (Mitchill) - creek chub
> Catostomus commersoni (Lacepede) - white sucker
> Ambloplites rupestris (Rafinesque) - rock bass
> Lepomis cyanellus Rafinesque - green sunfish
> Lepomis macrochirus Rafinesque - bluegill
> Lepomis megalotis (Rafinesque) - longear sunfish
> Etheostoma caeruleum Storer - rainbow darter
> Etheostoma blennioides Rafinesque - greenside darter
> Etheostoma nigrum Rafinesque - johnnydarter
> Etheostoma spectabile (Agassiz) - orangethroat darter
> crayfish
> tadpole

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