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Re: NFC: Feeding Natives

That's interesting - I had always heard crappie and walleye made terrible 
aquarium fish.  Glad to hear otherwise.  How big are they?

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mbinkley at columbus_rr.com writes:

> I recently acquired some black crappies and walleyes from a commercial
> hatchery.  I was initially concerned that they would not thrive at room
> temperature and would be difficult to feed.  I have been pleasantly
> surpised.  They seem to have acclimated well to room temp, with no apparent
> problems.  I started the crappies on live adult brine shimp, which they
> seemed to enjoy.  Within a week or two, most of them were also taking
> freeze dried brine shrimp and now, freeze dried plankton.  Most of the
> walleyes took to freeze dried plankton right away.  I suppose the little
> dried shrimps are quite close to the Mysids that they would get in northern
> lakes.  Tonight I fed frozen blood worms.  The crappies chowed them down.
> In the walleye tank, the unfrozen cubes sat on the bottom in clumps and the
> walleyes weren't sure what to do with them.  But once I stirred them into
> the water column, they were gone in a flash.  Eeeexcellent!
> Mark

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