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NFC: Re: ADMIN - Not Yelling! :) - List Change ... ?


I run a few lists on Yahoo! and I've been very pleased overall.  It takes a
lot of the headaches out of list management.  IMHO the ads are a fair price
to pay for the service.

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Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 8:03 PM
Subject: NFC: ADMIN - Not Yelling! :) - List Change ... ?

> The question and suggestion of moving the list over to a Yahoo Group has
> been brought up before. . . . . This has a number of advantages, and some
> disadvantages.  I'd like to bring it up before the list, and see what
> everyone thinks.....
> Advantages:
> Most of these are behind the scene type things.  The big advantage is that
> we can put a link on the NFC page, "Subscribe to our mail-list," and be
> with it.  More or less electronic subscription is a definite plus.
> Disadvantages:
> You have to go thru Yahoo to subscribe and unsubscribe, although you will
> still have e-mail access to do both of these.  There are ads on the bottom
> of messages, and more HTML mail is available.  Basically,t he only big one
> see is that you'll see a blurb on the bottom, "Get a such and such for
> great price......."  I doubt anyone on the list is using anything less
> a 56K modem, so the extra four or five lines of text isn't a biggy. :)
> Joshua.
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