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RE: NFC: worms ...the wrong kind

Yes, I noticed that too.  Interesting.  going to members email
addy's... but not through the list because it probably doesn't take
attachments.  hmm.

Dakota have all of us on the email list?  or how is it pulling from
the list...


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Its not making its way thru the list -- just its members....

I've gotten it, too. . . . .
Basically, you get an almost blank attachment inside a blank
Don't open it. :)

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> Dakota asked me to let the list know that he has
> received a worm virus that he believes came attached
> to a post from George Davis. It has attached itself to
> emails and is being sent to everyone in his email
> address book.  I havent seen the post from George, I
> am surprised it made it as actwin doesnt allow
> attachments.
> Klaus
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