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Re: NFC: Re: Is it safe

Yeah, you mentioned the candiru catfish of the Amazon.  Supposedly much more 
feared among natives of the region than piranha, because it also attacks 
warm-blooded animals, including man!

This tiny little jewel apparently enters one of the body's orifi (is that 
plural for orifice?), extends it's spines, thus lodging itself in whatever 
channel it's in, and feeds on the resulting blood flow.  Nasty, many have 
died unpleasantly as a result of infections, etc. after meeting this 

If you ever collect the Amazon basin, speedos are highly recommended!

One more reason to collect natives, instead of invading Brazil or Peru in 
search of tropical treasures!



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>Cutlips Minnow - eats scales and (sometimes) eyes.
>Red-belly piranha - bites off pieces of bigger fish (during dry season).
>Hagfish - eats large (dead) fish from inside out.  (Or is that a fish-like
>Hemicetopsis candiru - bores into large (usually living) fishes and chows

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