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NFC: RE: AAT pics and an NFC egroups

Hi All:
I've seen several emails mentioning photos recently. I'm a former
biology/science education professor who is now a photo editor/librarian for
hundreds of educational publications in science and natural history, many of
which need fish (native and exotic) and other aquatic critter photos.
Naturally, publishers provide credit and photo use fees. Let me know if you
have photos and are interested.
Dr. John D. Cunningham (Amherst, NH) Email: johncunningham at starband_net

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Subject: NFC: AAT pics and an NFC egroups

Id like to put some AAT pics on the site as soon as the day gets an
additional 4 hours. Until then I will put that on my to do list. Can you
send it to me at president at nativefish_org. Also Ive set up an egroups NFC
list on Yahoo. For those interested take a look at it. it does threads
you can upload pics and you can get a text only digest or individual
message or no messages at all just visit the page and see what you like a
nd read it. We are experementing with it. Let me know what you think. To
join  just use the subscribe box on the nFC frontpage or I think this
link works too...


On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:55:06 -0600 "Kristine Weisbrod Massin"
<kwmprairie at hotmail_com> writes:
> Thank god I'm paranoid...I was saving that message to open once
> other folks
> had replied to it because I thought it a little odd that there was
> no
> message in the body.
> If anyone is interested, I was going to go take a picture of the
> tank for
> which Luke donated so many fish...but if actwin won't do
> attachments, how do
> I do it?  Open it and paste it into the body of the message?
> -Kris
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> >
> >Dakota asked me to let the list know that he has
> >received a worm virus that he believes came attached
> >to a post from George Davis. It has attached itself to
> >emails and is being sent to everyone in his email
> >address book.  I havent seen the post from George, I
> >am surprised it made it as actwin doesnt allow
> >attachments.
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> >Klaus
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Robert Rice
NFC president