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NFC: Feeding Natives

I recently acquired some black crappies and walleyes from a commercial
hatchery.  I was initially concerned that they would not thrive at room
temperature and would be difficult to feed.  I have been pleasantly
surpised.  They seem to have acclimated well to room temp, with no apparent
problems.  I started the crappies on live adult brine shimp, which they
seemed to enjoy.  Within a week or two, most of them were also taking
freeze dried brine shrimp and now, freeze dried plankton.  Most of the
walleyes took to freeze dried plankton right away.  I suppose the little
dried shrimps are quite close to the Mysids that they would get in northern
lakes.  Tonight I fed frozen blood worms.  The crappies chowed them down.
In the walleye tank, the unfrozen cubes sat on the bottom in clumps and the
walleyes weren't sure what to do with them.  But once I stirred them into
the water column, they were gone in a flash.  Eeeexcellent!


mbinkley at columbus_rr.com

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