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sumadison at hotmail_com writes:

> I just received a private message from someone on this list.  I won't 
> mention their name but they tried to explain why NFC is good and NANFA is 
> bad.  This person didn't know I've been around a long time and saw all the 
> events that led to Robert Rice leaving NANFA a few years back.  What this 
> person said to me is not true.  It's really disappointing when people use 
> this stuff for motivation or advancement.  Is this how the NFC operates?  
> I'm not going to say anything about Robert Rice's behavior or quitting at 
> the time, because I'm sure anyone aware of the details at that time knows 
> that process produced no saints OR victims.
> The people in NANFA are nice people as are you (lots of them ARE you and 
> are 
> on this list!).  We get their magazine and it is so fantastic.  And their 
> email posts are as much fun to read as yours.  Okay, I prefer NANFA (now 
> that makes me one of the enemy I suppose).  But it's not because I like 
> this 
> person or hate that person.  It's because NANFA is  more of a democracy, 
> and 
> people there aren't into titles or power.  They're into the good products 
> and programs like all of you already know about.  I'm not advising you to 
> join NANFA.  I just wonder if NFC can even function without constantly 
> polishing up the old NANFA vs. NFC thing they've concocted?  That's why I 
> won't join NFC.  So why not kill it starting now?  Good Karma will come 
> back 
> to you, I promise!
> Like I said:
> Life is short.
> Be nice to people.
> And stop substituting club association for a real identity.
> Peace.
> Signing off.
> Susan
I am the person who contacted her off the list.  I did this as a curtesy to 
others, so that those who were not interested were not subjected to my 
explanation.  I've attached the entire letter below, for those who care to 
read it, and also my reply to her reply (before I read her latest or I would 
not have bothered).  Please note that I never said NANFA was bad, I even said 
I would rejoin.  I never advocated killing NANFA, as Susan did the NFC.  I 
believe I represented everything fairly.  If I did not
remember or represent something fairly, PLEASE let me know.  I will certainly 
apologize.  It was a dirty election, and a dirty battle; that is how I 
remember it.  And I distinctly remember that the lists were purged of whole 
threads simply because the debate did not represent NANFA in a positive 
light.  This was the BOD list, to which I subscribed.

If it sounds like I'm saying NANFA bad, NFC good, I sincerely apologize.  
There was a lot of hard feelings, Robert was forced out, I stuck with Robert 
because of his work in rebuilding NANFA - I've never met him.


Mike Whitfield

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