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NFC: Re: One final thought

I chose to ignore the other challenges to my qualifications before, but the
highly educated Wally Billingham apparently is misinformed about a great
number of things, and seeks to slander my name with his own misunderstanding
of the facts.  He forces me to discuss this in a public forum, and for that
I apologize.

Tell me, since you are so highly educated and thus your ordination somehow
means more than mine.... would you say the same thing to Paul?  Peter?

Everything I said was absolutely the truth.  My ordination is every bit as
real as yours.  My ministry is real, it exists, and it reaches real people.
Tell me how many homeless people you ministered to today, Wally?  Or is your
measurement of a minister how big his congregation is?  Or how big the
church building is and how many candle stands you can afford?

My church is in my heart, where my Lord dwells.  Instead of tall stone
walls, it has long stone sidewalks.  Instead of well dressed self serving
weekend warriors, my congregation includes unemployed or underpaid people
that live on the streets or in shelters.  I have no collection plate, but my
ministries needs are paid for through my own funds (from a secular source...
WORK).  I don't collect a salary for my services, as my fee has been paid in
full by a Jewish carpenter.  Every cent donated to me is accounted for, as
not a single cent has been accepted.

My ordination comes to me from God, and is as real and unlikely as that of
Saul (or as you know him, Paul).  The piece of paper that keeps the
government off my back comes from St. Lukes Evangelical Christian

Seminary never was a requirement for the ministry.  While it is a nice
accomplishment, it clearly isn't a requirement nor do I find does it mould
the kind of servant that Jesus spoke of in the gospels.   I do not question
your qualifications as a minister, but that has nothing to do with your
education.  I do however question your calling.  From your tongue rolls bile
and venom, and your understanding of the requirements of the ministry seems
misguided at best.  Your total misunderstanding of what "a real church" is
does deeply sadden me.  "A real church" implies that there is more than one
real church, and anyone who has a basic understanding of the gospels can
tell you Jesus only left one church behind.

On behalf of the Church, I apologize to everyone for Mr. Billingham's
misguided attempts at slandering me, and slandering the Christian faith in a
way that seems popular these days.

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