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>Yes, NANFA as whole is a GREAT organization.

To keep things in perspective, it's a club that's doing some good.  I know 
some people think it's more significant than that :-)  Mostly it's neat what 
people can accomplish in their spare time when they share.  NFC's Adopt a 
Tank program is like this and can turn a light on in a kid that hopefully 
will never go out.

>And frankly, I suspect some NANFA folks are
>helping stir up this present controversy

I'm sure the person who contacted me isn't doing this.  I also know he was 
not being malicious, so let me clear that up now.  I think he was trying to 
help but he had his facts wrong.  Please don't anyone else do this because 
you're not helping.  All of this is more than I wanted to say or do so I'll 
stop for good.  I had more fun today listening to Christmas songs in my car 
than reading anybody's chat list.

Now I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.  Happy Holidays to all.


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