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NFC: Steering Committee

The steering committee (advisory) is to review BOT, make
recommendations for changes, review NFC programs, and generally
recommend guidelines for NFC functioning.


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>Could you enlighten those of us who've always fled from any such

> The NFC checks we had been sending to him had not been deposited in
> a year. No Bills were paid for a year. Those checks are missing but
> members were  given thier full NFC dues. As the checks come to me
> to be added to the Data base. About Half our members join online the
> do the snail mail.
> those funds were never credited to the NFC account and those checks
> missing and presumed lost. I worked with the US postal service to
> acces to our PO box. It was empty of NFC things. From my reasearch I
> safely say that there were no funds used improperly there was just a
> complete lack of a treasurer. The amount not deposited appears to be
> $1400 or so. Money Im willing to replace after we have tried all
> means
> SO thats where we are at. Im still trying to find Dwight and the
> stuff (last seen in the Phillipines) and Joe T will be takeing over
> treasurer responsibilitys.
> In the next flier I will give basically this same note cleaned up
and all
> but bearing the same news.
> I will also say this we as an organization will survive this ordeal
> will move forward and learn from our mistakes.
> Anyway I would appreciate peoples patience and understanding on this
> issue. It is a worst case scanario , but we will survive .
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
> www.nativefish.org

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