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NFC: RR's two cents. :)

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001 17:11:20 -0500 "Joshua Wiegert" <JLW at dune_net>
> This is one of the best threads I've seen going on the list in a 
> while....
> <List Mom Hat>  Chris is a guy of few words.  Sometimes, when you 
> don't take
> the time to put extra ones there, it comes out a little harshly, 
> especially
> when you lose tone and so ofrth to text.  I personally didn't take 
> his
> arguements as confrontational, and hope others wont' as well.

 I'll admit the the thread has been good, in a get root canal type of
way. The NFC is a family of sorts and sometimes we fuss and fight and
sometimes we just have to call a spade a spade.Things need to be done
better. I need to do a better job of keeping track of what our leaders
are up to. It was painfull to have people challenge my integrity . Total
strangers saying I was a bad leader etc hurt I do not know what thier
motives where but  it has motivated me to strive further for NFC

I have taken a bit of a hands off attitude with NFC leaders and it was a

 All this cussing and discussing does not mean we don't get along or that
 we hate each other. I took Chris's words with a grain of salt. Was he a
bit rude sure. But we all are sometimes. He had some legit points and Im
glad they have motivated people to address them. Now the question is will
we the members take contreol of the NFC and its programs. Im NFC prez not
NFC God :)

Hopefully a better more involved NFC will be the result of all this. 

Finally keep in mind people that none of us are perfect or paid. We are
all flawed volunteers and often we support the NFC with basic stuff like
postage phone calls etc. Why , Because we believe that perhaps someway
somehow the NFC will raise up a generation of local conservationist that
can make a difference.Often we are taken advantage of by people who want
fish equipment etc. That is part of the proccess and I understand that. I
want the NFC to take those risks with these people while supporting
greater conservation via partnering with other organizations. I rather
enjoy digging through the proverbial silt to find the gold nugget. Who
Knows where the next aldo leopold will come from. Perhaps an Adopt A Tank
out there :)

Our checking account is close to getting in order , so after paying our
bills and what not we will be sending our overdue donation to the Nature
Conservancys Conasuaga river project. A report will be in the next Flier

As for a man of few words I think not Mr. Chris:)

Robert Rice
NFC president