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NFC: Discussions on NFC Functioning

I've read list archives for awhile now and this is my first and probably 
last post.  Chris' concerns are simple and reasonable.  They have revealed a 
few areas of incompetence.  They can be cured with openness and honesty and 
the responsible person(s) taking responsibility.  But making fun of Chris 
and attacking him?  Shame on you.  One year terms, 3 year terms?  Whatever!  
It's obvious to anyone that looks that the NFC BOT is one on paper only.  
You're not fooling anybody :-)  Just be honest and less defensive and it'll 
come back to you 10 times better.

I would have said these same things to the NANFA list but I don't have to.  
Don't substitute club association for a real identity.  Life is short.  Be 
nice to others.

I also read NANFA archives and there is never ever any negative mention of 
the NFC like some of you guys feel you need to do towards them. Those of you 
who like to drop subtle jabs at NANFA or claim to have been victimized by 
NANFA are certainly half responsible for whatever happened to you whenever 
it happened.  Everyone knows that, so like Mr. Graham said, Get over it!  
It's like you're protecting a fort and every time someone inside looks out 
over the walls you shoot arrows at them and say they came from the other 
side of the wall.

I prefer that no one who agrees with me respond in any way to this message.  


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