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NFC: Re: Rankorous debate

I think I'll weigh in here.  I did not take Chris's comments to be so 
adversarial, and I am a Robert Rice supporter.  I left NANFA (mostly) because 
of his treatment.  I trust Robert with my NFC $10 as I trusted him with my 
NANFA $20 (or whatever it was).

Perhaps, while we're asking what's being done with our money, we should also 
be asking what should we be doing?  In other words, take ideas for some 
projects on which we can work together.  What are our goals?  Where do we see 
ourselves in five years?  In ten years?

I think the Exotics Removal Program is great, but it's inherently limited to 
warm places.  We have introduced species in TN, but nothing easily removed, 
and nothing people want to buy, hence no income.  There may be other places 
(e.g. Texas, Arizona's hot springs) suitable, but in the end, only a few 
places are suitable for such an effort.  I'd love to do it, but I'm not 
moving to Florida!  Hence there will always be a few folks doing all the 
work, a situation not suited to the long run.  (Maybe I could collect zebra 
mussels and carp, but I don't forsee a great income from it!)

Will the NFC ever put out a magazine?  Seems to me that's a great reason to 
join NANFA (and I miss it).  Maybe a yearly?  It's hard to ask people to pay 
$10 bucks when there's no tangible benefit.

Do you ever see the NFC and NANFA joining forces?  Are our missions really so 
different?  If we could partner on some projects, it might bring more 
attention than working separately.  I don't know anything about Bruce 
Stallsworth - is he one of the same clique?

About the Adopt-A-tank program - I'm working on a high school renovation 
right now.  It's Howard High in Chattanooga, a fine old high school 
originally a blacks-only school but now part of our unified county system.  
This is a school that is mostly black and all inner city, so I'm thinking 
these kids have probably never seen most of our native fish.  Is this the 
type of school we're targeting, or mostly elementary schools?

Anyway, congrats, Chris, on your ordainment, and thanks, Robert, for all your 

Mike Whitfield
going back to lurking...

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