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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

> and here are 2 links to projects we have supported and some testimonials
> http://www.nativefish.org/Kids/projects.html

This is a list of email addresses.  No reports.

> http://www.nativefish.org/Kids/adoptatank.storys.html

Two letters.  One is a simple thank you.  The second is very abbreviated,
but I think an example of the right direction of what we should *expect* for
participation in AAT.  "What are the kids doing with this?"  Well Mr.
Domanowski answered that in very short form.

> and last a NFC news link....
> http://www.nativefish.org/News/index.html

Let's examine this:

March 2001 - Marineland donates 150 aquarium kits to the NFC.  Question:
Where are they now, and how are they being used?  I've read two letters.
Where are the other 148?  I don't imagine we gave out all 150, but did we
give out more than 2?

[note - that's ALL the news we've generated for 2001]

September 2000 we added a senator to the board of trustees.  What value has
this given us to date?   Folks say we don't have politics, but a politician
was added to the board of trustees without consulting the membership on the
appropriateness of this appointment.

Aug 2000 - ERP officially announced.  Weren't we already doing this anyway?
This is great for the people and the wildlife of the state of Florida.  The
program is described partially as "raises funds for conservation".  What has
the program raised and where has that money gone?  Also what seed money has
the NFC put into it?  How effective has it been?    I don't know much about
the ERP but it sounds like a 1 or 2 man show from what I know of it.  I
don't know if any of the money raised by ERP leaves ERP or not, or if NFC
puts any money into it.  These are all I think appropriate questions.

Aug 2000 - Joe T. added to board.  He may not be active on the lists but I
have seen him donate time and artwork to the NFC, which were for the purpose
of raising funds for the NFC.  We also have an online store with his work.
The sales figures are a mystery.  The mystery of what money is raised by
this and where does it go is the only question I have.

Aug 2000 - Ray Katula is given a grant to fund research into the Crystal
Darter.  How much was the grant and what has the return been on that grant?

Jan 2000 - Blue Pike search yields 3 suspects.  I will ass-ume we didn't get
any hits because that would have been big news.  But are we paying for the
DNA testing?  Or is it USF&W?  Or someone else?

Jan 2000 - We were given 1000 Florida Flagfish to stock a suburban
neighborhood.  It's been almost two years.  What ever happened?   Were the
fish stocked?  Did it work to help control algae?

What ever happened to the grant oversight committee?  Are they supposed to
report on what grants were given out?  Are they responsible to follow
through on grants already given that haven't yielded appropriate reports
back to the NFC?

I'm looking through the news archives and I see nothing about an election.
I think I've been a member since 1999.  I know I was a member before the
nativefish.org site went up because I'm the guy that suggested it.  I've
gone through the news for 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and there was no election.
Aren't we overdue?

The links given aren't answering questions, they are inspiring more

Pastor Chris

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