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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 20:59:46 -0500 "Christian J Hedemark"
<chris at yonderway_com> writes:
> Luke said:
> > Okay, I've kept out of this mostly up until now...but I want to 
> say
> > something.  I for one am not too concerned about where my measly 
> $10
> > membership per year (which I need to get in the mail ASAP) goes.
> Oh, neither am I.  I am concerned where my measly $10 goes when it 
> is
> combined with yours, and Boo's, and Wally's, and everyone else's.

You've been rather long winded about this Chris and it seems your demands
keep changing. SO just so I understand this you would like testimonies
from people who have been educated buy NFC programs ?

> > The fact
> > that the NFC has and is providing education to many about native 
> fish
> > species is what is paramount here...not who cashes the checks.
> I'd like some more concrete examples of that, please.  THAT is what 
> I have
> been asking for.  I'm not saying there is anything improper going on 
> with
> the money necessarily.  But what IS going on with it is a mystery.  
> If there
> is actual NFC-sponsored education going on, let's hear more about 
> it.  The
> lines of communication are fairly closed right now, which could be
> discouraging to others who may want to get involved but don't *see* 
> anything
> else happening.

Chris I Havent been closed at all but 3-4 multi page letters per day is
more than I typically have to deal with so I'm a bit behind. You started
off replying to Mr Rogers question about is the NFC a conservation
organization. Then have gone off on several tangents. Some I followed
some i didn't . Now I understand you want to change the By laws. To what
end ? I hate to break the news to you but there is no long list of people
willing to put in the time and extra pocket change to do work locally let
alone nationally. So a single one year term to prove yourself as you put
it will only encourage those with an agenda like lets fire Mr. XYZ then
when they achieve their goal. Your argument is flawed on the one hand you
are claiming nothing is getting done ( i agree we need to do more) , Then
on the other hand you want shorter terms for board members to get things
time. If anything this type of 1 year or else mentality scares off
potential volunteers. Who would like to get grilled like this for
volunteering. You have called me Bill Clinton in your last note which is
certainly insulting and have called anyone who atmpts to answer your
questions juvenile. Your attitude has since the moment you got in on this

IMO you have an axe to grind so why don't you come out and say what it
is. Do you think I'm embezzling NFC funds? Do you think I'm an
incompetent person? Does the NFC need new leadership that you hope to
provide? Please quit beating around the bush. In a SHORT note let me know
what you want.

Robert Rice
NFC president