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NFC: establish a breeding colony

At 3:44 AM -0800 11/26/01, jake levi wrote:
>This thread has been a good one, I am going to be
>doing some serious consideration on picking a species
>and to concentrate on it .I live in NYS so that will
>mean a NY species, to establish a breeding colony of.
>It would be great if every member would commit to just
>one species of their home state to maintain a breeding
>colony of.

Interestingly, it would probably be easier to choose an imperilled species
from another state that is not listed in your home state.  That will
relieve you of permitting, etc in most instances.  Just don't take your
brood stock from a state where they are protected!

Columbus Ohio USA            <))><
mbinkley at columbus_rr.com

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