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Re: NFC: Answering R.J.'s questions and asking some more of my own

You pretty much hit the nail on the head. It is much easier to steer a
moving car. The NFC is moving albiet slowly. It willl only get to the
critical mass level if it's memebers do something. I cant go to your town
and do something. There is no NFC swat team out there ready to leap into
eco action when I hit the red Fish Button.The NFC is a framework. We
educate and empower as we can. Most of our volunteers donate thier time
for a few months or even a year but imagine what a decade or even  of
lifetime of efforts could produce.

I try and look at the big picture. This day isnt as important as this
movement, this belief, this cause that is the NFC

Robert Rice
NFC president

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001 03:19:46 -0800 (PST) jake levi <jlevi_us at yahoo_com>
> Chris
> all of what you are looking for (90% plus or minus)
> takes money, which takes more members, that other 10%
> takes member input/involvement. From what I can see,
> also sitting on the sidelines, there are 3-4 of the
> members doing 99% of the work and one of them is
> sledding along. 
> Accountability is fine, quarterly?? Get a life! Theres
> not that much money involved, and, thats another 
> members' total involvement. I know, I am a member of
> the AKA, and that requires the efforts of two members
> who have lives in addition to their membership plus
> their own fishrooms. It would be nice to get a flier
> once a year with a simple statement, but I would like
> to see a lot of other things much more, its not real
> high on my want list.
> For my part , if NFC never did another thing then
> encourage the keeping of natives I would applaud
> profusely. The answer to your concerns is member
> involvement, with much more involved, we would have
> much more of what you are concerned about, without it
> we have what we have. Its that simple.
> BP?? Get involved, do it, write articles, spread the
> word. 
> You want results from the ATP? Sponsor one in your
> area, and get involved, take the kids on a collecting
> trip, follow through with them, give some talks, if
> you want warm fuzzies get a golden retriever. I have a
> telegram for you from the schools of america, input
> there is one of the most unrewarded and unthanked jobs
> on the planet. 
> Chris I share your concerns, but, having been involved
> in so many organizations such as ours both
> professional and hobbyist for forty plus years, what
> we are concerned about is almost entirely the product
> of low membership involvement. 
> We are all here for our interests in natives, but the
> quality of what we get out of it, the 'bells and
> , are a factor or our input. I am sorry to
> say that I have done little in that area myself. I
> have a strong interest in endangered and threatened
> species yet havenot begun to breed even one of them. 
> I think that its time that we all got off of our
> assets, and got with the programs and came up with
> some new ones too.
> I would add, get out and get at least one new member.
> jake
> picking feathers from humble crow.  
> ---