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Mr. Rogers and all,

First of let me throw out a concept . Perhaps NANFA and the NFC should
not and are not mutually exclusive. $30 a year to support both
organizations is not an obscene amount. Each  has a focus and a direction
but both are working , however flawed to help our native fishes .So whats
wrong with helping both organizations grow ?

We all have our agendas some big some small but the real question we
should ask is does it help in the greater native fish conservation
effort. If it does not ,is it really important? If it does we should
support as best we can.

As I see it here are the differences :

NANFA puts out a better publication. They use that as their primary
vehicle to educate. They do a good job at it and our Flier is not as
good. That is a great strength of theirs , so for many folks a this alone
is good reason to join NANFA.They should be congratulated for their

The NFC is a 501 c 3 Non profit organization. That is why we are in a
position to receive Corporate grants and the Like. See Marineland as an
example, NANFA is not. So any NFC donation is tax deduct able. That is
one of our major strengths. We were incorporated from the beginning to be
a non profit. That is the road we chose and the road we will follow.

NFC has since its inception worked with other groups like The Nature
Conservancy on specific projects. Thats what any extra $$ we have goes
towards. We have supported breeding programs. Like Ray Katulas Crystal
Darter Research, the Blue Pike hunt etc etc...see for details

NANFA does a better Job of serving the needs of its members. The NFC does
a better Job of serving the needs of local activists. Some NFC members,
many not. That leads us to getting burned once in a while but its all
part of the program.

NANFA has a 20 plus year track record and history and they are doing
well. I am very familiar with NANFA's inner workings. Heck I was a the
President of NANFA. They do a good job of giving their members the full
value for their membership. I have hopes that in the member services
department we can be more like NANFA. The NFC spending is weighed more
toward local program grants, instead of member benefits.

They NFC is hobbled by it's small volunteer base but we are growing ever
so slowly. Yes we are stalling a bit at the 600-700 member level. When we
move forward  prgram wise membership will grow in membership base.

Finally The NFC is always looking to partner locally. Not to say NANFA is
or is not. Just stating what we are here for. Our resources are limited
but we move forward. To put it all to rest with 300 plus species of
Native Fish and 10% of all threatened species being NA fishes is their
room for any person to participate in  inter group in fighting ? I think
not. If our Native fishes are not worth 10$ , 20$ or 30$  a year , to you
then you are in the wrong place it's not about us it's about the fish !!!
So move on .

So if you like Native Fishes , pick one organization, pick both but get
involved. It makes the difference. See it's not about one or the other it
is about the Fish simple as that.

BTW Yes the NFC is imperfect yes the NFC is under powered and  Yes we are
learning as we go, But we are doing good things that would not get done
without us ! So get involved.

Robert Rice
NFC president

Former NANFA prez :)