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Re: NFC: New Fishes Available

Randy, I can't say how much the NFC has done or hasn't done in the way of
conservation, but for me, when I went searching for something about keeping
native fish they were just what I was looking for.
            Nothing wrong with what you said, but maybe we can all lighten
up here a bit. Whats wrong with alot of talk about keeping native fish in
aquariums. This list helped me out so much more than I can really put into
words. I'm still new at this, and I may be just one more person interested
in this hobby, but this week I had the chance to take my two young grand
sons out collecting. They had more fun than I thought they would, and said
they couldn't wait until the next time they came for a visit so we could do
it again. Possibly there are two more future native fish keepers, and
conservationists, time will tell.
            I can only hope I planted a positive seed, I know the NFC did
for me.

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> &gt; Well, actually I don't really want to trash NANFA as they are fellow
> &gt; in the cause, but I feel that they are more or less an aquarium club
> &gt; than a conservation group. I find it interesting that you feel
> &gt; though?
> Maybe you can help me. I've searched NFC's website but can find nothing on
> conservation programs other than exotics removal which is happening only
> Florida on a very limited scale by a handful of people. I've been lurking
> this list for awhile and almost all you ever talk about is aquariums and
> catching fish to put in them, and selling fish and aquarium supplies in
> auctions. Rice himself said that members were abusing the NFC just to get
> fish which goes to show where there true interests lie. There is no talk
> habitat restoration, captive breeding of endangered species, reducing
> pollution, dam removal, etc. The Adopt-a-Tank program is nice but isn't
> just a program for Marineland to get more kids hooked on the aquarium
> NANFA may be a hobbyist group but looking at info on the NANFA page I see
> that they are spending money on research and conservation type programs.
> &gt; This will come as no surprise since I already told you I am a hunter
but I
> &gt; also belong to the NRA. The NRA did an ad campaign a while back in
which local
> &gt; people talked about what they NRA was to them. That ads all finished
up with
> &gt; the slogan "thats my NRA". I would love it if we could all say "I
cleaned up
> &gt; this stretch of creek.....thats my NFC". or "I breed this native
> &gt; fish......thats my NFC" or "I taught a bunch of kids about
fish.....thats my
> &gt; NFC"
> Why do you need the NFC (or even NANFA, for that matter) to clean up a
> or teach kids about fish? Arent there local watershed groups you can join
> that are much better prepared to be active and effective on a local level?
> Sorry to be sounding so negative here because I like the NFC's mission and
> goals but I'm just failing to see how they are backing it up with actual
> programs that are getting results. If I'm missing something please tell me
> or show me. Thanks.
> Randy
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