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Re: NFC: Fw: i.d. fish please

There are Herring in the Atlantic. Tens of millions.

A little more discription would help considerably,
approximate length, size and shape of dorsal, caudal,
pectoral and anal fins and absence of any, colors,
shape and position of mouth, given these an ID is
quite possible.

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> heres a tough one
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
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> Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:48:42 EST
> Subject: i.d. fish please
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> if at all possible would you be able to id  a
> particular fish or school
> that 
> i hve seen i live in the state of florida. gulf
> coast panhandle 
> carrabelle,eastpoint area . its about the size of a
> mullet, saltwater
> fish 
> looks identical to a herring of alaskan waters 
> could you i.d. this
> saltwater 
> school . and please send any information on this
> species such as
> movements  
> depths do they go to and from the deep  ocean ? do
> they stay around reefs
> or  
> stay in shallow waters. if you dont know could you
> tell me a possible or
> a 
> maybe type of fish or put me in touch with someone
> that knows thankyou   
>              clayton

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