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Re: NFC: New Fishes Available

> Well, actually I don't really want to trash NANFA as they are fellow soldiers
> in the cause, but I feel that they are more or less an aquarium club rather
> than a conservation group. I find it interesting that you feel differently
> though?

Maybe you can help me. I've searched NFC's website but can find nothing on
conservation programs other than exotics removal which is happening only in
Florida on a very limited scale by a handful of people. I've been lurking
this list for awhile and almost all you ever talk about is aquariums and
catching fish to put in them, and selling fish and aquarium supplies in
auctions. Rice himself said that members were abusing the NFC just to get
fish which goes to show where there true interests lie. There is no talk of
habitat restoration, captive breeding of endangered species, reducing
pollution, dam removal, etc. The Adopt-a-Tank program is nice but isn't that
just a program for Marineland to get more kids hooked on the aquarium hobby?
NANFA may be a hobbyist group but looking at info on the NANFA page I see
that they are spending money on research and conservation type programs.

> This will come as no surprise since I already told you I am a hunter but I
> also belong to the NRA. The NRA did an ad campaign a while back in which local
> people talked about what they NRA was to them. That ads all finished up with
> the slogan "thats my NRA". I would love it if we could all say "I cleaned up
> this stretch of creek.....thats my NFC". or "I breed this native
> fish......thats my NFC" or "I taught a bunch of kids about fish.....thats my
> NFC"

Why do you need the NFC (or even NANFA, for that matter) to clean up a creek
or teach kids about fish? Arent there local watershed groups you can join
that are much better prepared to be active and effective on a local level?

Sorry to be sounding so negative here because I like the NFC's mission and
goals but I'm just failing to see how they are backing it up with actual
programs that are getting results. If I'm missing something please tell me
or show me. Thanks.


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