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NFC: RE: Fw: i.d. fish please

Thee are several kinds of mullet but if you're sure it's not, well, it could
be Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus).
Menhaden are silvery in color with a distinct black shoulder spot behind
their gill opening and a variable number of smaller spots on their sides.
Their bodies are moderately compressed, their caudal fin is deeply forked,
and their fins lack spines. Menhaden range from Nova Scotia, Canada to
central Florida.

A picture might help!

Cheers, Charles

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heres a tough one

Robert Rice
NFC president

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if at all possible would you be able to id  a particular fish or school
i hve seen i live in the state of florida. gulf coast panhandle
carrabelle,eastpoint area . its about the size of a mullet, saltwater
looks identical to a herring of alaskan waters  could you i.d. this
school . and please send any information on this species such as
depths do they go to and from the deep  ocean ? do they stay around reefs
stay in shallow waters. if you dont know could you tell me a possible or
maybe type of fish or put me in touch with someone that knows thankyou