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NFC: Re: FW: BoardRoom: what kind of minnow do i have?

One of the exotic introduced gobies?
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> Subject: BoardRoom: what kind of minnow do i have?
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> hi guys! i am having a lot of difficulty figuring out what kind 
> of fish i have! i am a student worker at my college in central 
> ohio. i work in the biology labs taking care of all of our 
> animals. included in our collectio are a freshwater tank and a 
> reef tank. last week, one of my professors brought me 3 
> freshwater minnows (that's what he called them) he found and i 
> wanted to make a tag for them like we have for the other fish in 
> the tanks with common name, picture, scientific name, and native 
> habitat(s). too bad i have NO idea what he has brought me! the 
> minnows i can find that have the same markings, do not have the 
> same fin configuration! the ones whose fins look right are from 
> a totally different region of the world or have different 
> coloring! i am so confused! i will try to give you guys the best 
> description i can and hope someone can tell me what it is! if 
> there are any ohio fishermen here, i'd love to hear from you! :) 
> okay, here goes: 
> -- small, maybe 5 cm long (don't know how old they are, though) 
> -- 2 dorsal fins, 1 long and flat (sometimes 'stuck' to the 
> body), the other long and flat also but more of a triangle shape 
> at the same time. 
> -- 1 anal fin, triangular. 
> -- 1 pair of fins behind the gills. these are relatively small. 
> -- 1 pair of fins behind the gills and under the body more. 
> smaller than the fins behind the gills. 
> -- fish is a light brown, thin darker brown line down it's side 
> (head to tail) with darker brown scales here and there above the 
> line. 
> -- rounded head with mouth kind of on bottom of head 
> -- not a rounded tail fin, more like a goldfish tail fin (you 
> know it looks like 2 tail fins - i don't know what it is called, 
> sorry). 
> -- stays at the bottom of the tank 
> if you would like to see a sketch i made of it, go here: 
> http://www.lelandsworld.com/~cucumbermsra/minnowsketch.jpg 
> (please keep in mind i am a BIO major, not an art major! ;) ) 
> i thought it might be a bluntnose minnow, but they only have 1 
> dorsal fin and no darker brown spots above the line. 
> i also thought it was a johnny darter, but the dorsal fins are 
> flatter on the fish we have, there is no darker brown line on 
> the johnny darter, and i don't think the dorsal spines (is that 
> what they are called?) are as obvious on our fish as they are on 
> this darter. 
> i would appreciate ANY help! THANK YOU! 
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