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Re: NFC: Rainbow Shiner Help Needed!!!!

Thanks for the info. I will look to add some mops or other types of 
media for them to spwan in.

On further inspection the Male is carrying eggs around in his mouth. It 
appears that he tried to eat too many of them and they are stuck in his 
mouth. I am going to try and remove them this evening.


Al G Eaton wrote:

>Virtually all Cyprinella species are crevice spawners
>and lay their eggs between the cracks in rocks and
>submerged twigs.  Red shiners ar more diversified than
>other cyprinella species and are opportunistic
>spawners and will even lay eggs over gravel.  I good
>way to spawn red shiners is to lay a mop as is used by
>killie people on top of the gravel or on a bare tank
>bottom and the red shiners will spawn on there.  They
>are extremely prolific and the spawining season lasts
>a long time so females will lay eggs over an extended
>period.  This ability to use a wider range of spawning
>sites than other cyprinella is part of the reason why
>redshiners are thought to crown out cyprinella species
>when red shiners are introduced into a stream.
>--- Ty <tyhall at mia_net> wrote:
>>Is anyone familiar with the breeding habits of the
>>Red Shiner? I have a
>>male that is in full color, Tubercles and all, and
>>he appears to be
>>carrying something around in his mouth. Are these
>>eggs or possibly fry??
>>What should I do? I have him in a tank with several
>>other Red Shiners,
>>both male and female. Should I leave him alone or
>>move him to another
>>tank? There's not much cover in the tank for the fry
>>to hide, if that's
>>what they are. Any help is appreciated. I've never
>>bred these fish
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