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Re: NFC: Re: Apache Trout on TV

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:

> And just to give MY agency a little plug, we've been working on sturgeon for 
> years in ND, though I'm not sure if that counts since we just spawn wild 
> females in captivity then raise the fry to a safe-to-release size.  (they 
> haven't spawned in the wild for decades b/c of changes the Corp made to the 
> rivers)
> -kris

Hey, my take on this project is it's a good thing.  It may be a stop-gap
measure, but any attempt is better than none.  Keep them around long
enough that maybe education will catch up with conservation and we can get
rid of those changes the corps made to the rivers and eventually restore
them.  I realize many people don't like to think in "steps", but every
problem needs to be solved in steps.  Otherwise it can just overwhelm
us.  So GOOD GOING ND.!!!!