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Re: NFC: Re: Native moss

I thought Fontinallis required fairly cold water to thrive.  Can it grow in 
unheated tanks at normal (think poor boy!) room temperatures?

In a message dated 10/23/01 7:53:52 AM Eastern Standard Time, JLW at dune_net 

> Hey Chuck
> Fontinallis is certainly the most common native aquatic moss -- it looks
> just like Java Moss, except that its often slightly brown in colour, and --
> this is the only way I can often tell -- its rougher feeling.
> Unfortunately, its difficult to tell any of the aquatic mosses apart --
> often, differences are found in the way spore sacks form (I've never seen
> either any of my aquatic mosses grow spores, either emersed or submerged) or
> in the actual spores.  In short, its easiest to just say you have a nice,
> green mos that is native to your area and be happy about it.  In your area,
> you can certainly find Fontinallis, as well as Riccia, which would look
> considerably different.
> Joshua

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