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Re: NFC: Fundulus notatus

Michael Bernardoni wrote:
> Hello....While camping here in Jackson County Illinois over a month ago at
> a local lake.  My 8 year old son was fishing and by chance caught about 20
> adult and juvenile Fundulas notatus. He was using a hook and worms for
> bluegill and the notatus would grab on to the worm and not the hook. He
> would reel them in and hold them over a bucket and shake the reel and
> they would let go and fall into the water.  I took them home and put them in
> one of my small ornamental ponds and so far they are doing great!!

I used exactly the same technique to catch Owens Valley Pupfish (*Cyprinodon
radiosus*) back in the 50s, before we really knew much about endangered
species, etc. It assures you catch nice vigorous fish and that they are not
scraped or bruised.

We should contemplate it as a good substitute for nets and traps in many
situations. Try it. It's really fun. I can almost guarantee your survival rate
will be better, when they have not been abraded.


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