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Re: NFC: Native snails?

That oscar is a greedy bastard he stuffs his face with
as much food as posibble. So far they've taken a chunk
out of his tail and he's been lightly bit on the jaw
in the 8 months I've had them together. The tank is on
it's way to being heavily planted, currently I have a
few apontegen plants grown from bulbs, anachris some
floating some weighed down, and some java moss. As the
anachris and java moss grows I chop the stems into
3-4" logs wrap the java moss around 4-5 of them and
use a plant weight on each end and lay it horizontally
on the bottom. The java moss spreads out and into a
lump covering most of the old stems and the anachris
sprouts new stems which grow rapidly to the surface.
I'm hoping with a rapidly reproducing snail they will
have enough places to hide and grow that they can
survive in the tank. As they grow I will either move
them to a larger tank or sell/trade the oscar.


--- Mark <mbinkley at columbus_rr.com> wrote:
> Oscars will eat snails and anything else they can
> swallow.  The trumpets
> have a hard shell and stay down in the gravel.  And
> welcome to the world of
> native fishes!  Try a large sunfish with your
> oscar... well, not in that
> 60.  Sounds a little crowded already.  Wonder how
> long that oscar will keep
> his fins  :)
> Mark
> Columbus Ohio USA            <))><
> mbinkley at columbus_rr.com

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