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Re: NFC: Re: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

Chris I have been doing and teaching fish farming for
the past 25 years+, in that time I have cared for a
LOT of geriatric fish,

the channel cats I have been talking about were all
handpicked to become breeders. The last ones that I
bought had about 3,000 companions.

I will just throw it out one last time, the amount of
water changes are a far bigger criteria then the size
of the holding container.

BTW, if you can produce a 3' long 3yr old channel cat
the fish farmers in Arkansas want you to come show
them how. 

--- "Rev. Christian J Hedemark" <chris at yonderway_com>
> > Chris
> > with adequate water changes channel cats can live
> > quite well in a 55, bullheads have an extreme
> > 'muddying' effect on their water, just lousy tank
> > inhabitants,
> Jake, here is what I'm having a hard time accepting.
>  How can a fish that
> tops out at over 3 feet "live quite well" in a tank
> that is only 4 feet
> long?
> > in case you hadnt heard, albino channel cats are
> sold
> > by the hundreds of thousands for aquaria,
> So are pacu.  And "irridescent sharks".  All of
> these are lousy candidates
> for the aquarium at even sub-adult sizes.
> > once into the sexual maturity age/size another
> habitat
> > may well be in order but for 3 up to 5 yrs of age
> they
> > do very well in aquaria.
> You don't see a commitment and responsibility though
> when you buy a fish to
> take care of it through its geriatric stages?  To
> me, it is of the utmost
> importance to consider if I can care for a fish at
> its maximum size.

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