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Re: NFC: Stunted fish growth again

I think you are assuming that the entire discussion was revolving around 
your particular fish & your particular tank (though I admit that I must have 
missed your plan to move them to a larger tank as they outgrow it...my 
apologies)...I for one was speaking in more general terms.


I'm sure I'm about to offend again, but just to play devil's advocate a 
little more on the looks healthy/is healthy issue... have you ever known an 
animal w/ cancer?  My friend's dog is the loveliest, healthiest-looking dog 
you've ever seen...runs, plays, wags her tail.  Inside, she has an 
untreatable cancer that is eating her up.  When she sleeps, she wimpers in 
pain the entire time.  Everyone she tells thinks she's making it up b/c the 
dog seems so healthy...until you see her tests.  Just something to keep in 
mind when assuming animals are healthy.  Not saying your fish aren't 
healthy, just saying apperances can be deceiving with creatures who don't 

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>Subject: NFC: Stunted fish growth again
>Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 23:28:11 -0400
>                                  My question on stunted fish growth 
>brought on a big response. But again, I would like to say in no way am I 
>trying to stunt a fish's growth. I think most people here missed that.
>                                   Yes, maybe those bullheads don't belong 
>in a 38 gallon tank, but some of the response's I got made me feel like I 
>had done something really wrong. It would have been nice to read, "hey now 
>that you have them just see what happens"  Instead one post that comes to 
>mind is " a stunted fish is a dead fish" Well tell me, when can I expect 
>these two fish to expire. Any day, a month from now , a year,  three to 
>five years. I'll tell you what, these fish are going to be around a while, 
>a long while, and if they get too big and nasty for my tank, I'll find some 
>one that has bigger tank to take them, or a back yard pond. See, that is 
>called hope. That is called learning from a "mistake" and trying to make it 
>right Or should I just cut they're heads off because they're "dead" anyway. 
>I think if I knew for sure the were suffering I would but somebody better 
>tell these two bad boys they're sick because they sure don't know it.
>      Terry
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