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NFC: Stunted fish growth again

                                 My question on stunted fish growth brought on a big response. But again, I would like to say in no way am I trying to stunt a fish's growth. I think most people here missed that.
                                  Yes, maybe those bullheads don't belong in a 38 gallon tank, but some of the response's I got made me feel like I had done something really wrong. It would have been nice to read, "hey now that you have them just see what happens"  Instead one post that comes to mind is " a stunted fish is a dead fish" Well tell me, when can I expect these two fish to expire. Any day, a month from now , a year,  three to five years. I'll tell you what, these fish are going to be around a while, a long while, and if they get too big and nasty for my tank, I'll find some one that has bigger tank to take them, or a back yard pond. See, that is called hope. That is called learning from a "mistake" and trying to make it right Or should I just cut they're heads off because they're "dead" anyway. I think if I knew for sure the were suffering I would but somebody better tell these two bad boys they're sick because they sure don't know it.

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