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Re: NFC: Re: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

with adequate water changes channel cats can live
quite well in a 55, bullheads have an extreme
'muddying' effect on their water, just lousy tank

in case you hadnt heard, albino channel cats are sold
by the hundreds of thousands for aquaria, 

once into the sexual maturity age/size another habitat
may well be in order but for 3 up to 5 yrs of age they
do very well in aquaria.

I farmed channel cats for many years, and have
maintained them in probably more environments then
most would imagine. Water change is the key. 

--- "Rev. Christian J Hedemark" <chris at yonderway_com>
> Jake writes:
> > Other species might be better suited. Channel
> catfish
> > get much larger but a pair can be maintained in a
> 55
> > much easier.
> I disagree.  I used to go fishing all the time in
> the Delaware River
> downstream of Philadelphia, frequently catching (but
> not eating!) channel
> cats.  One adult channel cat could not be kept in a
> 55 gallon tank, or a 135
> gallon tank for that matter.  These fish are what I
> prefer to think of as
> "tankbusters" and need something more along the
> lines of an above-ground
> pool to keep humanely.
> Like you said, catfishes are hard on their tank. 
> Though I do think a
> bullhead cat would be much easier to keep at adult
> size (at least the
> average adult size I've seen in the wild) in
> something like a 50 gallon
> "breeder" tank.  55 gallon tank is too tall and does
> not provide enough
> front-to-back depth.  The "breeder" tanks provide
> much greater surface area
> compared to volume and make it easier for these big
> fishes to turn around as
> well.

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