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NFC: Re:Used books was Stunted fish growth and breeding

I think I've mentioned it before, but check out ABE books online...I've been 
extremely happy with them.  You definitely need to know what you're looking 
for & what the cover price is so you don't pay more than you should, but you 
can find some great deals.  I commonly get $30-50 books for $10-15...they're 
very honest about what condition the books are in too.  The stock changes 
constantly though so you never know what you're going to find (just like a 
real used book store, which I adore)


>PS:  Anyone have an extra copy of _The Fishes of Tennessee_ that they want
>to get rid of?  It's $70 new...ouch.  Nice book, though.
>Chuck Huffine
>Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
>mailto:grendel at usit_net

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