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Re: NFC: Stunted fish growth and breeding

You are postulating less then 40% of their mature size
and it is highly likely that they would die if kept at
that size. One of the dynamics in the stunting process
is the kidneys inability to overcome soluable toxins
which at that size would mean an early death.

The most common 'stunter' in preventing growth is high
nitrates , a very potent toxin. Another is lack of

If you are considering stunting of any fish in order
to maintain them you might better stick with reading
about them. Stunting is abuse.


--- nickel55 <nickel55 at worldnet_att.net> wrote:
>                                    I have a
> question, I have read that some fish like bullhead
> catfish for instance, will have their growth stunted
> when kept in an aquarium. Which for my tank is a
> good thing. My question is, if a fish's growth is
> stunted will it still be able to mate and lay eggs.
> Let say in the case of a bullhead, if you had a male
> and female but they only grew to 4 or 5 inches could
> they mate. I just thought it was an interesting
> question.
>                        Terry
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