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NFC: Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 23:36:23 -0400

                               My question on stunted fish growth and breeding was no way meant to mean I was thinking of breeding bullheads, it was just a general question. Yes I do presently have two small bullheads in my tank, and will they grow to their full potential length, probably not, if they suffer for this then I was ignorant to the facts. But I'm sure many people keeping natives right now, have fish that will never reach their full body size, because of the size of the aquarium they are kept in.  Would I keep a bass, no, but if I did, what ever knowledge I would gain, from observing it in captivity, would be worth it, even if it's growth were stunted. Like it or not, we keep things for our own enjoyment, unless I purposely and knowingly harm the animal, what wrong have I really done. I'm not a scientist or student of fish, but do I have to be to observe what someone with a degree might have missed. 

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