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NFC: Re: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

That didn't really answer my question Wally, but you do give a good point,
that maybe a stunted fish is not a healthy fish, I'm not sure I agree with
that only because I haven't read enough about it.  In my thinking if a fish
eats, swims, and not to sound stupid here, but does fish things and looks
and acts healthy, stunted or not, it should be ok.
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Subject: NFC: Re: Stunted fish growth and breeding

> IMHO a stunted fish is a very unhealthy fish. If you can't provide a big
> enough tank for a fish than you should not keep that fish. I would love to
> keep a largemouth bass but since they can get  24-30 inches long I won't
> soce I don't have the space for a 500+ gallon tank. I just don't think
> it is a very good conservation prospect. If you want small catfish than
> Madtoms, they are native,very cool and stay small.
> Wally
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> Subject: NFC: Stunted fish growth and breeding
> >                                    I have a question, I have read that
> some fish like bullhead catfish for instance, will have their growth
> when kept in an aquarium. Which for my tank is a good thing. My question
> if a fish's growth is stunted will it still be able to mate and lay eggs.
> Let say in the case of a bullhead, if you had a male and female but they
> only grew to 4 or 5 inches could they mate. I just thought it was an
> interesting question.
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> Terry
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