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NFC: planted tank musings

 I have often thought a planted tank with natives is a
wonderful way to enjoy our hobby and in taking the
prevous post in a serious vein(which I think to be
thinly veiled spam), here is my answer....actwin.com
has a delightful eemail list for native plants where
all questions, theories and ideas both practical and
inane have been debated tried used or discarded for
several years.... you just need to go to actwin.com ,
email lists, and the aquatic plants list and read
through the archives.  You can also go to Erik Olsen's
the Krib, a vast site about plants among other things
where you can find a boat load of information.  How
you will apply this to your situation newfishyguy is
up to you ... I wont endorse one style over another,
but you will have to do your own reading and thinking.
 After you have read all that and you still have
questions I can direct you to more sites.  

To the rest of your post I have the following answer,
made in the same tongue-in-cheek spirit you presented
to the list.

quoting that esteeemed aquaculturist ,Ramano, Cardinal
Tetras are the answers to all your problems.  Being
the rock spawning Cichlids that they are from the rift
lake in the amazonian Rhodzillia, they will quickly
spawn like mad, and  have enormous quantities of baby
living rocks, making your question about how many
caves moot as the tetras will supply their own living
rock... with all this surplus of living rock on hand
you can not only get rid of your mechanical, chemical,
and biological filters, and abort all water
changes....the living rocks are so efficient that
water is no longer necessary to have your living
aquarium. The cardinals, when they arent praying, are
so good at tending their flock and have such green
thumbs, they will single-handedly plant and tend your
aquarium for you.   I do have to caution you on one
thing though.  If you make the mistake of using
canadian water you will soon find your house taken
over by the living rocks and the cardinals will be as
big as ponies, which as we all know is a scary thing.

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