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NFC: freshwater clams

the recent afm sez that triclanda clams are really good denitrators 
and remove other stuff from the water and grow real big and everything 
so why couldn't you use them with freshwater? 

ok so here's my idea  you have a smaller tank sitting next to you 
freshwater tank that has the nitrates and everything  you put a 
cheap fluvil canister on the big tank and pump the nitratous water 
from the fluvil to the the clam tank maybe 29 gallons   you could 
fix up a automatic fish feeder on the clam tank to add enough salt 
to the water for the clam  then the clam removes all the nitrates 
and algae and everything making it really clean  the clean water 
then be pumper through a reverse osmossis filter to get the salt out 
and make ity good for the freshwater  this way you never have to do 
water changes in the other tank  i think this is a good idea?  is there

anything wrong with it? 

im going to set this up real soon so let me know as soon as possilbe 
i dont have email so please posts your replys  thank yoou 

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