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NFC: Re: Native moss

Hey Chuck

Fontinallis is certainly the most common native aquatic moss -- it looks
just like Java Moss, except that its often slightly brown in colour, and --
this is the only way I can often tell -- its rougher feeling.
Unfortunately, its difficult to tell any of the aquatic mosses apart --
often, differences are found in the way spore sacks form (I've never seen
either any of my aquatic mosses grow spores, either emersed or submerged) or
in the actual spores.  In short, its easiest to just say you have a nice,
green mos that is native to your area and be happy about it.  In your area,
you can certainly find Fontinallis, as well as Riccia, which would look
considerably different.

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> Hey all,
> Is anybody familiar with the aquatic mosses that are indigenous to the
> TN / West NC area?  I was collecting river rocks in Tellico River and I
> came home with some moss.  I'm leaning toward fontinalis, but I just don't
> have the experience (or microscope) to feel sure.  Anyone have an
> idea?  Any Bryologists out there?
> Chuck
> Chuck Huffine
> Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
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