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NFC: Re: Fw: Dollar Sunfish


Be very very careful.  You live in the EcoNazi state.  California has some
extremely barbaric and illogical laws regarding the captivity of wildlife.

Also, do you know if dollar sunfishes are native to your area?  I don't
think they are.  If you get one good rainstorm that floods the pond out and
those fish find their way into a stream or lake, you've just introduced an
exotic species to your area that you may never be able to remove.  If they
can survive in your pond (and they are quite rugged so I expect that they
might) they could become established in your natural water systems and
displace the native species.

I'd STRONGLY suggest contacting your County Extension Agent (any farmer in
your county will know who it is) and find out what species are appropriate
for your pond, and what permits would be needed to keep them.

Reverend Christian J Hedemark II
Hillsborough, NC
"Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties for a little order,
will lose both and deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin

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> My husband and I recently put a pond in our back yard.  We happen to see
> an article in the April 1997 of TROPICAL FISH Hobbyist on "The Dollar
> Sunfish as an Aquarium Species"  We live in Redding California and were
> wondering if it is possible to get those in our area and if you feel that
> they would do good in our climate.
> Our pond in about 1400 gallons and 3 ft at it's deepest.
> Please email us with any and all information that would be useful to us.
> Thank you for taking the time to help us with this project.
> Respectfully,  Cori Eells
> peachyeells at cs_com
> eellsp at aol_com
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