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Re: NFC: Fish List, October 22nd-26th, Prices Included (HOLIDAY SPECIALS!)

Ok ok  guess its time to put in my 2 ........While I agree with AL   &  Jim
both on different points of this thread, I would like to just say that I
feel that ANY posts that arent directly related to NATIVE fish is
inappropriate for this list. If Chris and others wish to sell and/or buy
fish and/or related stuff what about using the Fish Wish List instead ??? I
thought that was WHY it was kept running ???? Or a simple URL link to what
you have to sell could be put in the FWL also...
I  too am a member of the NFC and would hate to see ANYONE leave the list
because of some minor problems that could and should be worked out by the
list moderator ....
Charles Anderton
Round Rock, Texas

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