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Re: NFC: Fish List, October 22nd-26th, Prices Included (HOLIDAY SPECIALS!)

This is creating too many problems.  I'll just stop sending the list.  Sorry 
for the troubles that it caused...

Chris Perry, Owner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>     I thought C. Guppenberger would not have time to deal with fish due to
>his weekend military duties increasing, as has mine. My 7 AM-5 PM weekday
>military job has taken on a new level of stress too. I forgot about Dwight
>at Florida Driftwood, Thank You. I ve been wanting to try him and he is
>close by. Again, you do have a fine point about the list being more 
>then native. I didn't look at the plants, I have to many and this weekend 
>am starting a new 45 gal to find a place to put some plants. This past
>summer, I tried to get Chris G. to come down this way and pull some Exotics
>from the local waters, but then he was getting busy elsewhere.
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>Subject: Re: NFC: Fish List, October 22nd-26th, Prices Included (HOLIDAY
> > Well, Mr Guppenberger is out of the fish business at
> > the moment, I talk to him about once a week,  and he
> > has gone in other directions, .  Mark Binkley has a
> >

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