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Re: NFC: Fish List, October 22nd-26th, Prices Included (HOLIDAY SPECIALS!)

    I not going to start a flame war or anything like that, but there is a
time and place for everything, and you are right.  But there are two active
members who do put out a list of fish for sale, there is another member who
has native fish for sale and you have to find him. There are members of this
list that live in areas that do not have good sources of fish from the local
fish(pet) stores. This is a good source through the mail that can be
trusted. I live in the Tampa bay area of Florida, this area is known as the
largest producer and importers of fish. I can go to a few local area stores
and ask for most any fish. I can also buy from three farms personally.  But
today I saw that Chris had two types of shrimp that I would like to get;
Singapore Shrimp and Algae Eating Shrimp. I can get all the grass shrimp I
want in any local river or pond. I have asked the local stores to try and
get some odd shrimp in but no luck.

    The two (sometimes three) members that sell on the list,  they are very
active members in other ways on the list and other activities in the NFC.
I've gone Exotic collecting and removal with one (the sometimes third one).
They have donated fish to the auctions and into the program to set up tanks
in schools ( I forgot the name of that program, getting old here). They have
spoken up when other members had question or problems.

    You are like them, a valuable member, as you too have spoken up and
mention a problem that effects you.  I hope that you just go to the bottom
of Chris's page and follow the directions  to be remove from the list of
people like yourself, who do not need to see the fish list.  I hope you have
rethought about quitting the list over this matter.

    These thoughts and comments are mine.  I am not a member in good
standing at the moment ( the renewal check is in the mail,  late again,
getting old and slow here).  I am not a spoke person for  NFC, just am
active member of the NFC (when my membership is paid up).    JiM C.

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> --- Chris Perry <fishystuff00 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> > >Algae Eaters
> > >
> > >Algae Eating Shark (M)- $4.40
> >
> What is this commercial listing doing on a native fish
> list?  There is a time and many places for this type
> of advertisement, in my estimation a Native Fish List
> is not one of them.  I would hate to see this list
> become a commercial enterprise for anything and
> everything having to do with aquatics.  Once was ok,
> however if this is going to continue or to be the
> policy of the NFC, I'll just unsubscribe.
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