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NFC: Re: help

stocking without the need to secure a permit is only valid in certain
The list is fairly inclusive, but not totally. The permit might still be
required if waters are potentially not absolutely land locked or fish
source is not a permitted california aquaculturist.

In California, certain native and non native game species are permitted
to stock without acquiring stocking permit from CDFG, stock must be
obtained from licensed aquaculturist... not certain if licensed
aquaculturist must be licensed in CA. Dollar Sunfish are not one of
those, unfortunately in this case. Therefore, you would require a
permit. If you stock with a listed species, conflicts might arise
blocking pond drainage. This could impact property sale or development.
Not a big problem for me, since I like fish and disparage
overdevelopment. The permit would probably depend on being able to
certify disease free status of fish and demonstrate the stock is not
able to migrate to other waters. I have not actually tried to follow
these directions, this post is solely based on information provided by
CDFG website and other government websites. 

responding to: help

Robert Rice
NFC president

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My husband and I recently put a pond in our back yard.  We happen to see
an article in the April 1997 of TROPICAL FISH Hobbyist on "The Dollar
Sunfish as an Aquarium Species"  We live in Redding California and were
wondering if it is possible to get those in our area and if you feel
they would do good in our climate. 

Our pond in about 1400 gallons and 3 ft at it's deepest.   

Please email us with any and all information that would be useful to us. 

Thank you for taking the time to help us with this project. 

Respectfully,  Cori Eells 
peachyeells at cs_com 
eellsp at aol_com 

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