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NFC: Brown algae

                                   I set my tank up back in early August, by the end of September it had gone through the nitrogen cycle, thats the good news. But then I started to notice brown algae on the glass, which spread to just about everything else.  I have been reading about this type of algae on the net but I wanted to know if anyone has any good ideas about getting it to go away. I read that after awhile it may go away on it's own. I do 20 per cent water changes every week and try to keep up on cleaning away the algae. I probably should use some real plants, all the plants I have now are artificial. I have read that Otocinclus catfish eat this type of algae, but I really want to keep my tank all native fish, which it is now, so using some tropical isn't where I'm leaning, and without a heater they would be belly up soon I guess.  Too bad bullheads don't like this stuff, because the two I have sure seem to eat everything else.

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