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NFC: Fw: [Partners]Launch of River Network's Clean Water Act Database

River Network is pleased to announce the recent launch of our new Clean
Water Act database! This database contains the information that was once
our State-by-State Clean Water Act pages, but in a new easy to use,
searchable format. The information includes your state contacts for water
quality standards, NPDES permits, and TMDLs; the dates of your last and
triennial review; designated uses of your state's waters; detailed
information on your state's antidegradation policy; and much more.  By
the Simple Search option, you can access your state's information
Through the Advanced Search option, you can customize your searches to
generate exactly the information you're looking for.  Please check it out
and let us know what you think!


As many of you know, much of this information changes frequently. So, if
see something that's out of date, or a link that doesn't work, please let
know. Gaby Stocks is the contact for these updates; her email address is
gstocks at rivernetwork_org.

We will check in with the states at least once per year to update this
information. However, in the meantime, if you know of changes happening
your state, please try to notify us.

For general information about River Network's Clean Water Project, please
visit http://www.rivernetwork.org/library/libcwa.cfm.

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